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AlphaHealth-Telefonica (2018-2019)
Agita tu vida! (Shake up your life)
This is the motto of Rem!x, a disruptive GEN Z health app to discover what makes you happy. This app keep the distance to the patronising tones of the average wellbeing app, and propose itself as a tool for a friendly/slangy tone of voice, to get closer to the young generation. Addressing a population accustomed to the fast pace and constant noise of social media, REM!X try to enter that world with the ambition of supporting young generation in finding happiness in the balance of purpose and pleasure.
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Science based
The recommendations provided by remix are  a mix of what best around you and CBT based activities to nudge your behaviour.The content proposed is rooted in science, but is served as an cool friend/older sibling/wiser friend, was talking to you, giving you good advices without sounding patronizing. It is not only about fun, it is knowing how to make you feel better.
AI powered
The app aim to improve your mood giving you recommendation powered by AI engine, that get to know you day by day and make the experience tailored by you.For new app based on  fresh concept we had to face the cold start problem: building a product based on AI without any data to build upon.This problem was overcome by a tight collaboration between the ux and machine learning team and by creating a roadmap of feature that will  support the data gathering for the algorithm training and slowly build up the intelligence of the app.The challenge in the design side was to create a compelling experience to keep user in the app, for a product that was thought around an algorithm that didn't exist yet.
Co-creation tools
Build for and with genZ
Having GENZ as a target we have been including them in many phases of the process through user interviews and focus group, to tune user experience, tone of voice and branding.We had to be creative in how to go from zero to a valid customer base. How to gain credibility with a public that is constantly connected and is used to consume fast digital product? How do you become the "cool one" in the square if no one heard of you?This product required a tight collaboration with the marketing team in creating and maintaining alive a instagram channel, social media campaigns, live events and  influencers review.
My role as a product design lead:
• Shaping and translating the project vision into a product with a compelling user experience
• Defining the roadmap, together with PM and tech lead, to create a e2e solution that can evolve from MVP to a rounded product step by step, feature by feature
• Brief, manage and coordinate a the design team
• Translate user needs, and insights from the interviews to a compelling brief
• Looking at quantitative and qualitative data to evolve the product to create the right experience for user and buyer
• Help and mentor our behavioural expert in the content team, to translate scientific proven intervention in compelling digital experiences
• Supporting the AI team to translate technical solution in product features