KoaHealth 2019-2020
Foundations is a Science-based app for mental wellbeing. This product was put together in record time. It took only three months to go from an idea (not a wireframe or a line of code in place) to be in hands of users for beta testing, it was deployed as trial in several companies at the 6th month of life and it made the first sale when we crossed the line of the 8th months.

Foundation is a B2B product, thought for companies that wants to support their employees mental wellbeing. The goal of the app is to help people build their resilience, manage stress and prevent burnout.The content is grounded in evidence-based techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, meditation and positive psychology and curated by our team of behavioral experts.
Ramp up resilience, Keep calm, Dig deeper
Engagement and efficacy
One of the biggest challenges when building a mental wellbeing product is finding the right balance in between engagement and efficacy. Resilience is not built over night and a lot of activities proposed by the app will be efficacious if repeated over time. When an app is boring, in this world of infinite scrolls and immediate rewards, people default is to the delete button. The sweet spot is to find a compelling solution for people to come back to get to that AHA moment, when they start to feel better thanks to the interventions given by the app.

We build this product knowing that one size doesn't fit all, and instead of having a prescriptive user experience as it was a pill, we designed the app imagining it is coach that tries to understand who you are and who guides you in finding what works for you.The success is proven not only by the retention figures, but also by the 88% rating given by ORCHA.
UX flow showing early stage of the product
My role as a product design lead:
• Shaping and translating the project vision into a product with a compelling user experience
• Defining the roadmap, together with PM and tech lead, to create a e2e solution that can evolve from MVP to a rounded product step by step, feature by feature
• Brief, manage and coordinate the design team
• Translate user needs and insights to a compelling brief
• Looking at quantitative and qualitative data to evolve the product to create the right experience for user and buyer
• Help and mentor our behavioural expert in the content team, to translate scientific proven intervention in compelling digital experiences
• Supporting the AI team to translate technical solution in product features